Praise for David Brody

“A riveting, fascinating read.”
--MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW (review of The Wrong Abraham)

“Strongly recommended for all collections.”
--LIBRARY JOURNAL (review of The Wrong Abraham)

“Boston’s Best Local Author.”

“Five Stars.”
--Harriet Klausner, AMAZON’s #1 Reviewer (review of The Wrong Abraham)

“Will keep you up even after you’ve put it down.”
--Hallie Ephron, BOSTON GLOBE Book Reviewer (review of Blood of the Tribe)

“The action and danger are non-stop, leaving you breathless. It is one hell of a read.”
--ABOUT.COM Book Reviews (review of Unlawful Deeds)

“Best of the Coming Season.”
--BOSTON MAGAZINE (review of Unlawful Deeds)

“Better than Grisham. A fabulous work.”
--Gary Chafetz, BOSTON GLOBE 2-time Pulitzer Prize Nominee (review of Unlawful Deeds)

“A compelling suspense story and a searing murder mystery.”
--THE BOSTON PHOENIX (review of Blood of the Tribe)

“An enormously fun read, exceedingly hard to put down.”
--The BOOKBROWSER (review of Unlawful Deeds)

“A feast.”
--ARTS AROUND BOSTON (review of Unlawful Deeds)

Early Praise for Cabal of the Westford Knight

“Cutting-edge research and top-notch storytelling. Prepare to be blown away!”
--Scott Wolter, author of The Kensington Rune Stone: Compelling New Evidence

“A wonderful mixture of The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure. A must read for those who love history and adventure!”
--Richard Lynch, past President of the New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA)

“A book I could not lay down. Strongly recommended.”
--Judge David Sinclair Bouschor, past President of the Clan Sinclair USA and former Grand Master of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Minnesota

About the Author

David S. Brody is a Boston Globe bestselling fiction writer. He serves as a Director of the New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA) and is an expert on the subject of pre-Columbian exploration of America. A graduate of Tufts University and Georgetown Law School, he resides in Westford, Massachusetts with his wife, novelist Kimberly Scott, and their two daughters. In his spare time he coaches youth sports and Special Olympics, skis, and plays on adult ice hockey and softball teams.


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