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In The Isaac Question: Templars and the Secret of the Old Testament, I return to the Templar-based themes I first explored in Cabal of the Westford Knight. Specifically, I focus on the Knights Templar as one link in a chain of secret societies that stretches back to include first the ancient Egyptians and later the mysterious Druids, and then moves forward to include the Freemasons as the modern-day successors to the Templars. Anyone who doubts these connections should simply wander into a Masonic lodge and observe for themselves the abundance of Egyptian and Templar-related symbolism in the lodge architecture and décor. More subtle are the connections to the Druids—but these are there as well, for those who look carefully.

As I tracked my way to the intersection point of these four groups—Egyptian, Druid, Templar, and Masonic—I found myself again standing in the shadow of Scotland’s iconic Rosslyn Chapel. The Chapel’s architecture and decorations featured not only Druidic, Templar, and Masonic symbolism as befitting Scotland’s long history with each of these groups, but Egyptian motif as well. What, I wondered, was the historical tie between Scotland and ancient Egypt?

The answer, I soon learned, lay hidden in the mystery of Princess Scota.

Scota, in turn, led me back to ancient Egypt and caused me to take a fresh look at the Book of Exodus. What I found, frankly, shocked me. I will not reveal those findings here, but suffice it to say the findings led me to a clearer understanding of many of the events recounted in the Old Testament, events that frankly had never made much sense to me.

As in my previous novels, I use artifacts and historical sites as evidence for the “secret” history my story tells. In this book, I focus on the dozens of mysterious stone chambers that dot the landscape of New England and eastern New York. Who built these chambers, and why? And do these chambers have anything to do with the mysterious Baphomet skull worshiped by the Templars? More importantly, do these chambers help us better understand the truth behind the Book of Exodus stories?

Readers of the first four books in the series will recognize the protagonists, Cameron and Amanda, and also young Astarte. However, this novel is not a sequel to the prior four and readers who have not read the earlier novels should feel free to jump right in.

As in the previous stories in the series, if an artifact or object of art is pictured in the book, it exists in the real world. (See the Author’s Note at the end of this book for a more detailed discussion covering the issue of artifact authenticity.) To me, in the end, it is the artifacts that are the true stars of these novels.

I remain fascinated by the hidden history of North America and the very real possibility that waves of European explorers visited our shores long before Columbus. I also, in researching this novel, have become fascinated by the hidden truths within the Old Testament stories. It is my hope that readers share these fascinations.



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