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The Oath of Nimrod, the fourth book in “Templars in America” series, is a bit of a break from the Templar-based themes I first explored in Cabal of the Westford Knight and continued exploring in Thief on the Cross and Powdered Gold. In this book I venture down the rabbit hole to examine the hundreds of accounts of giant human skeletons unearthed in the 19th century by American farmers and treasure hunters. Were all these skeletons—numbering over 1,500 by one researcher’s count—fakes and hoaxes? Or was there instead a race of eight- and nine-foot tall humans who roamed the North American wilderness? If so, were these giants somehow related to the giants recounted in the Old Testament?

Of course, I can’t very well write a book in the “Templars in America” series without delving into the mysteries of the Knights Templars and their possible journeys to America. In this story, I focus on the rituals and beliefs of the mysterious group whom many believe were spawned the Templars—the Freemasons. Specifically, did the early Freemasons venerate a pagan Babylonian king by the name of Nimrod and, if so, why? This inquiry takes on even greater meaning when we learn that Nimrod, like Samson and so many other figures in the Bible, was himself described as a giant.

I also weave the CIA mind-control program known as MK-Ultra into the story. This program, hatched during the early years of the Cold War, authorized experiments on U.S. citizens in an effort to unlock the secrets of the mind. These experiments included the use of hallucinogenic drugs, sleep deprivation and psychological torture—the CIA justified these attacks on its own citizens as a necessity in its efforts to fight Communism.
Readers of the first three books in the series will recognize the protagonists, Cameron and Amanda, and also young Astarte. However, this novel is not a sequel to the prior three and readers who have not read the earlier novels should feel free to jump right in.

As in the previous stories in the series, if an artifact or object of art is pictured in the book, it exists in the real world. To me, in the end, it is the artifacts that are the true stars of these novels.

I remain fascinated by the hidden history of North America and the very real possibility that waves of European explorers visited our shores long before Columbus. It is my hope that readers share this fascination.



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