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My latest novel, Powdered Gold: Templars and the American Ark of the Covenant, is a continuation of the themes first explored in Cabal of the Westford Knight and Thief on the Cross. It is clear to me that European and Mediterranean explorers reached the shores of America long before Columbus—the question is, who were they and why did they come? Many of the clues continue to point directly at the Knights Templar and their affiliated entities.

Readers of Cabal and Thief will recognize the protagonists, Cameron and Amanda (and also young Astarte), as well as the Knights Templar themes. However, Powdered Gold is not a sequel to Cabal and Thief and readers who have not read the earlier novels should feel free to jump right in.

As in Cabal and Thief, the artifacts and sites pictured in this story are real, actual objects. If it is pictured in the book, it exists in the real world. To me, that is what makes these stories so compelling—though the stories I craft are fiction, the artifacts, sites and history upon which they are based are real.

I remain fascinated by the hidden history of North America and the very real possibility that waves of European explorers visited our shores long before Columbus. It is my hope that readers share this fascination.

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